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    A quick Wikipedia reference:   
    The Hollywood Hills are a part of the Santa Monica Mountains and also a hillside neighborhood of the same name in the central region of the city of Los Angeles, California.
     Area: 7.05-square-mile.

     Probably, most of the private events we worked at were in Hollywood Hills. Over the years, we learnt the area pretty well: Laurel Canyon, Beachwood Canyon, Cahuenga Pass, Franklin Village, Hollywood Heights and Outpost Estates. There are so many tiny, winding streets in Hollywood Hills, that even Goggle Maps get puzzled with directions. Luckily, we have worked in Hollywood Hills so often and so much, that we can always come up with a parking solution, even if there is zero parking available in proximity to the venue.
​    Long story short: valet service is a must there. And it's better be Vantage!

Vantage Parking at private event in Studio City

Coldwater Canyon Ave, 2019

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