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    A quick Wikipedia reference:   
    Sherman Oaks is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California, founded in 1927. The neighborhood includes a portion of the Santa Monica Mountains, which gives Sherman Oaks a lower population density than some other areas in Los Angeles.
    Good to know: 
    A partner of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company, Gen. Moses Hazeltine Sherman, developed Sherman Oaks. The company had subdivided 1,000 acres (400 ha) of land that would become Sherman Oaks. In 1927 each acre was sold for $780. 

    Hmm, if in 1927 one could buy the entire Sherman Oaks for $780,000, nowadays that amount won't be enough to get even a single family home in the area. Sherman Oaks is one of our favorite areas to work in (and no, we do not say that of every place where we valet). Wider and flatter streets, light traffic and coolness under the oak shadows definitely make valet parking in Sherman Oaks a cakewalk. Sherman Oaks residents also grab our Grand Prix for being the most tolerant to valet operations.

Vantage Parking at private event in Sherman Oaks

Valley Vista Blvd, 2019

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