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    Valet parking for weddings

    We do valet parking for weddings quite often. We schedule attendants 1 hour before the wedding start time, as we usually want to move catering and staff vehicles out of the way as well as catch the guests who arrive early. We suggest 4 to 6 valet attendants for 150-250 guest wedding, but we may need some extra help, if parking is scarce, limited or remote from the venue. Most of the times we will utilize a shuttle car for attendants to speed up our operation.

Vantage valet parking for weddings

    Valet parking for open houses

    Tuesday? 11 am to 2 pm? Or twilight event around 6 pm? Yes, we service open houses almost every week, yet some brokers are surprised to see valet attendants next to realtors' signs. Properties may have ambitious size and price tag, but could lack parking... To avoid backups and get the agents in and out smoothly we offer valet service or golf cart service, if the driveway is long and steep.

Vantage valet parking for open houses

    Valet parking for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs

​    From our experience, at baby showers and 1-year old birthdays most of the guests show up with kids. Getting the kids in and out of the car is no easy task, especially on a busy street. Our attendants will cone off the valet zone in front of the residence to make it safe for the parents and kids to get out. 

    At anniversaries, valet parking is convenient for elderly people. The key here is to avoid any rush and have the guests pull up to the front door and let them take their time unloading.

Vantage valet parking for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs

    Valet parking for cocktail parties

    Yes, drinks will be served and most guests will Uber/lyft. Still, with all of the people arriving at around the same time, most streets in LA will be bottle-necked and jammed, if there are no valet guys on duty. Our attendants will direct traffic and help those few guests who decided to drive. We service a lot of private parties in Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Los Feliz and Studio City, where parking for even 15-20 cars is  tricky.

Vantage valet parking for cocktail parties

    Valet parking for award shows and grand openings

    Whether it's a restaurant, store or gallery, we understand the responsibility of being at the front and the importance of... yes, first impression (apologies for this cliché). If required, we will bring an extra set of equipment (valet signs, traffic cones/delineators and light), including a valet podium. The busier the event, the more we like it.  

Vanatge valet parking for award shows and grand openings

    Valet parking for fundraisers

    Always ready to park for a good cause! We offer discounted rate for nonprofit organizations and fundraising events. We valet-parked at fundraising events for Children's Hospital Los Angeles and

Vantage valet parking for fundraisers

    Valet parking for memorial services and celebrations of life

    Subtle greeting and simple help with parking a car will make it much easier for the guest, especially when everyone arrives simultaneously or within a very short time frame.

Vanatge valet parking for memorial services and celebrations of life

    Valet parking for gatherings, dinner and housewarming parties and other private events

  The crew is scheduled at least 30 minutes before the event start time to set up and clear the driveway/valet zone. From 2 guys arranging cars in driveway to 12-man crew street-parking 150 cars. We've done it all! 

Vantage valet parking for gatherings, dinner and housewarming parties and other private events

    Parking lot management

    Business expansion resulting in new hires or office construction/renovation is always a good thing, but that may cause the parking lot to overflow. Our directors of operation will schedule a site walk and come up with a parking solution within 1-2 business days. We manage(d) parking lots during construction at Prolacta Bioscience and Bob Smith BMW Calabasas.

Vantage valet parking
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