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    A good driving record is not the only thing you need to park cars. Logic and common sense are no less important, especially when working at private events. Good physique and ability to speak clearly are essential as well. This set of individual qualities work out for the whole group and make our team strong and solid.
    It's always a pleasure to be in a crew, operating as a well-oiled engine and, of course, when a new guy comes — we train and help him as he tweaks his work.
    There is no application needed — we would rather read a short narrative about yourself and the rest we figure at the interview and behind-the-wheel test.
    Again, we don't have a "preset" or a "template" for our future employee and we don't put experience ahead of other qualities.
    We certainly look forward to strengthening our team even more. Write us! And when the time comes we'll give your a jingle asking to come to see us.

Vantage Parking dirt biking
Vantage Parking at MB2 Karting
Vantage Parking at LA Auto Show

Go ahead and apply!

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