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   What services do you offer?

    We do smile, open doors, help with the luggage and discuss news and weather with the guests, but our major is to drive and park cars safely. No matter how far is the parking and how many people are coming to the venue — we have enough knowledge and experience to accommodate everyone. And we are not limited to valet parking. Our list of services ranges from one-guy job of directing traffic to staging a car chase for an independent movie. Set up a goal and we'll come up with a solution!

    Anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties. Most often we work in Augora Hills, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Encino, Hollywood Hills, La Habra, Malibu, Palos Verdes, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks and Woodland Hills.
    Do we really need valets?
    The common reasons for hiring us are:
  — lots of cars, coming at once;
  — limited, scarce or remote parking;
  — steep long driveways, which could be a challenging walk for ladies wearing high heels;
  — high caliber of occasion, special and meaningful for the host and the guests;
  — letting the professionals deal with liability and parking concerns;

    How many valets do we need?

    Roughly — one attendant per 12-15 cars plus the captain, who will direct the attendants and keep an eye on the keys. On flat streets with ample parking we need a smaller crew and on the hilly narrow roads our team will grow a bit. The number of guys also depends on whether the guests come gradually (open house or pool party) or all together within a short span of time (wedding, 7 o'clock dinner). Some clients prefer to add a few guys to make things even quicker. 

    When should the valets arrive?
    We come at least 1/2 hour before the event starting time to set up, clear the driveway and loading zone (where caterers' vehicles usually are) and catch any early birds. 1 hour prior to weddings and bigger parties.

    Is there a minimum time frame for the service?
    Yes, 5 hours.
    What equipment do you use?
    The standard set is umbrella, podium/keyboard, 24x18 valet sign, traffic cones, two-way radios and lighting. For larger events we gear up a bit more, doubling our regular kit and adding (if needed) a shuttle car.

    What is "shuttle" and do we need it?
    "Shuttle" comes into play when the parking is far away or we expect so many cars, the line of the parked ones would stretch a mile. That's why we drive our valets to expedite the parking and to ensure the cars are brought back within 5 minutes. Shuttles can also be a great help for guests, when they self-park and get a ride to the venue.


    You provide golf cart service. Do we really need to rent a golf cart?
    The common reasons for renting a cart are:
  — steep long driveways, which could be a challenging walk for ladies wearing high heels;
  — when parking is far away and the guests need a ride to the venue

  — need for easy access or quick loading/unloading with limited space

  — to make a quicker and easier commute for valet attendants when they are working at a private event

    Yes. Commercial general liability, automobile liability, workers compensation and employers' liability, garagekeepers legal liability. The coverage is provided by Univision Insurance and the certificate is available upon request.

    Do we need parking permits?
    Incorporated cities may have their own parking regulations and we do need to get a permit from the city. Some neighborhoods (Westwood) require guest parking permits which can be ordered online by the event host and just printed out. Some areas, like Bel Air, restrict or prohibit parking in which case we'd need to use a shuttle car.

    We do not add gratuity on the bill. We leave that to your discretion and encourage to tip the attendants as working at private events can be tiring and requires a stamina. Besides, most of the events fall on a weekend or weekday nights. Our crew members are always appreciative of gratuities left by clients!

    I made up my mind and need to get your service. Where do I start?

    Simply go to contact page and either call or write us. If the location is new or challenging — we come and check it at no cost or obligation to you. Then we email you an estimate, listen to your questions and give the answers. When you are ready to sign, we send you the contract. This all can be done in a day or two!

    Drive safely!

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