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Vantage Parking Valet Service

    We are a friendly crew of car aficionados in Los Angeles, California and one of our many skills is parking cars safely. We specialize in valet parking in Los Angeles and have done over 1,000 events since 2015.


    We visit LA Motor Show, keep up with the hybrid and electric trends in car industry and know how to start a '22 Tesla or a vintage Ford. And if we happen to get an old-school "manual" or even to jump start one, we too won't be puzzled.

   Some of us  are professional athletes, some are bike riders and others spend their weekends skiing in the mountains —  sport keeps the body fit and the mind active. 

  Valet parking requires a set of skills, especially in the hills, where the roads are windy and the parking is scarce. Taking all the risks in consideration we do prepare for every job accordingly. If the venue is new for us — we scout the area first and while working we won't skimp on valet signages, traffic cones and different sorts of lights. Insurance is a must for every job we have. If the venue has no nearby parking, and such scenario is very common in Hollywood Hills and Bel Air, — we offer a shuttle car, which expedites the parking and shortens the wait time.

   The services we offer are not limited to parking and directing cars at parties and weddings. Our team is a regular hire for real estate viewings, schools, theatres and galleries. We can even arrange 6-seater golf carts for your event. We have newer gas models that can handle steep driveways and private roads and electric street-legal ones in case we have to drive on public roads.

   Our vast experience and advanced cooperation inside the team result in getting the jobs done with fewer attendants. Old-fashioned courtesy and personal attention to all customers (and their neighbors) are the reasons we get booked again by the first-time clients. And our fondness for cars and devotion to driving make us enjoy what we do!

   Have questions? Contact us or check our Q&A page for more info.

Vantage Parking Valet Service
Vantage Parking at MB2 Karting
Vantage Parking at LA Auto Show
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