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    A quick Wikipedia reference:
    Calabasas is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States, located in the hills west of the San Fernando Valley and in the northwest Santa Monica Mountains between Woodland Hills, Agoura Hills, West Hills, Hidden Hills, and Malibu, California.   
    Was founded in 1923.    
    Area: 13.72 sq mi (35.53 km2)

    Good to know: 
​    It is generally accepted that the name of Calabasas is derived from the Spanish calabaza meaning "pumpkin", "squash", or "gourd" (cf. calabash). Some historians hold the theory that Calabasas is derived from the Chumash word calahoosa which is said to mean "where the wild geese fly."

    Calabasas is one of our favorite places to work in: wide flat streets with ample parking. And even with plenty of City's real estate, valet parking could be a necessity: most of the gated areas in Calabasas require valet parking, if more than 15-20 cars expected at the event. The Oaks, the wealthiest community in Casabasas, is where we work most often and handle 100-car events without any lines and backups.

Vantage valet parking in Calabasas

Calabasas Rd, 2018

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