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    A quick Wikipedia reference:
   Encino is situated in the central portion of the southern San Fernando Valley and on the north slope of the Santa Monica Mountains.
   Area: 9.5 sq mi (25 km2)

   Good to know: 
   In 1769, Fray Juan Crespi, a Franciscan missionary travelling with the expedition, named the valley "El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de Los Encinos" (The Valley of St. Catherine of Bononia of the Oaks).[1] All of Crespi's name was later dropped except "Encino".

   Encino is the where we have our lion's share of private events and we valet park at all of them: fund-raisers, kids' birthday parties, pool parties, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs. As most streets in Encino are flat and have ample parking we always strive to come up with the minimum crew for the job and make it as cost-efficient as possible. Most of of Encino neighborhoods are very familiar to our director of operations and we can come up with an estimate immediately. Call us!

Vantage Parking at private event

Hayvenhurst Dr, 2018

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